The Bud Clark Commons is Open for Business

After years of planning and anticipation, Transition Projects is finally settled into our new home at the Bud Clark Commons. We celebrated the Grand Opening on June 2nd, with Portland Housing Commissioner Nick Fish, former mayor and the building's namesake Bud Clark, and many other friends and partners.Bud Clark and Nick Fish open the gate

On June 8th, our short-term residential program, Doreen's Place, moved into the BCC. Doreen's Place, housing ninety men, replaces our Glisan Street Shelter. Residents have access to housing case management, mental health services, tenant education and other life skills, and connections to services. There is also a fitness center, courtyard, and full kitchen for volunteer groups to prepare and serve meals in.

Just this Monday, the Bud Clark Commons Day Center welcomed its first guests when its doors opened at 7:00am.  In honor of our opening day, Transition Projects teamed up with Potluck in the Park to offer a hot lunch to all clients at the Day Center.

The Day Center, much larger than the Community Service Center it has replaced, connects clients with the tools they need to end their homelessness. People can access information and referral, mail and voicemail services, a learning center with open computer lab hours and classes, a hygiene center with showers, clothing, and laundry services, housing case management, an art studio, a volunteer-staffed hair salon, and much more. We have also expanded our hours in the Day Center, now operating seven days a week.

With these increased services comes increased demand for donations such as towels, toiletries, and seasonal clothing for our hygiene center, books for our lending library, and flash drives for our learning center. We also have a number of new volunteer needs - contact our volunteer coordinator to learn more.

Thanks to all of the partners, volunteers, staff and clients who have helped to make our kick off at the Bud Clark Commons such a huge success!

Our New Contact Information

With the move to the Bud Clark Commons, our contact information has changed. Please note the following new contacts:

Administrative Mailing Address: 665 NW Hoyt Street, Portland OR, 97209

Donation Drop-Off: 665 NW Hoyt Street (donations accepted 24/7)

Day Center Entrance: 650 NW Irving Street

Main Phone: 503.280.4700

Doreen's Place: 503.280.4664

For information about donations: 503.280.4663

For information about volunteering: 503.280.4741

For a full list of our main staff contacts, visit our Staff page.


Our Purpose at Transition Projects

by A Smiling Volunteer

We come to work each day with the intent of helping transition individuals from homelessness to housing. We do much more. We come from comfortable homes and drive expensive cars to work and because of this we recognize the poverty of the people we serve. To recognize poverty is to recognize separation. Our actions at Transition Projects say that we seek the cure for separation.

The “more” that we do is transformative. Transformation is the purpose of our lives. We are transformed in the process of seeking the cure for separateness. We realize the cure lies in our own ability to starve our ego so that our behavior is no longer influenced by it. As our ego fades it is replaced by unconditional love and giving. The motivation to replace ego with love and giving is the source of our spirit at Transition Projects. During this process we recognize that the transformation taking place in us is evolutionary. In the process of transitioning people from homelessness to housing, we ourselves are also undergoing a transition. When we become aware of this transition it is displayed as a smile. When I see yours I will know that you understand.

As we transition people from homelessness to housing we unify humanity. With each act of service and kindness we transform our world to become a more equitable and loving place. Our actions say that we recognize that the men and women we serve without houses and with little clothing deserve everything that we deserve. We recognize that there really is no difference between us and because of this we seek to comfort them. We recognize that we are the same. We recognize that we are one. And to recognize that we are one and to live in this state of mind is the highest achievement of man. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work here.