Hands-On Cooking Demo at the Day Center

Clients at the Bud Clark Commons Day Center were treated to a lesson on the nutritional Flash Cooking Demovalue of kale and avocado - and to a tasty snack - by Jason Valdez from Whole Foods, a special guest brought in by Commissioner Nick Fish and the Food Policy Council. Valdez led volunteers in a Flash Kitchen demonstration, whipping up a kale and avoado salad in just minutes for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to the Food Policy Council and out friends at Whole Foods for this delicious - nutricious - treat.

Day of Homelessness Awareness

November 15th is the second annual Day of Homelessness Awareness here in Portland and Multnomah County. Community members, government officials, and representatives from agencies serving the homeless, joined in a walk this morning organized by JOIN to raise awareness and to call people to action to help end the cycle of homelessness.

Oregon is currently second in per-capita homelessness in the nation, and the 2011 Point-in-Time count of homelessness in Portland and Multnomah County showed marked increases in recent years. The count found 2,727 individuals "literally homeless" - on the streets or in emergency shelter. Add to that an additional 1,928 individuals staying in transitional shelter or housing - and an estimated 10,000+ who are doubled up or couch surfing - to land at the estimated 15,563 homeless individuals in the area, an eight percent increase since 2009.

The message today is that there are far too many people suffering in our community, but that there are practical things that we can do - that need to be done - to alleviate homelessness. To help join the fight against homelessness, get involved: volunteer with one of the many wonderful agencies working to end it, donate much-needed items, and provide the financial assitance that we need to move people from homelessness to housing.

Transition Kits Support People Moving Into Housing

Names are for illustrative purposes onlyTransition Projects is excited to introduce the Transition Kit—a kit of essential items for individuals moving into permanent housing. Our goal is to place more than 500 people in permanent housing this year. Each of the individuals we place will need support to get started in their new place. Items in the kit include kitchen tools, linens, furnishings, and, often, assistance with deposits and fees.

Each kit will vary. A typical kit might include: plates, bowls, flatware, glasses, a can opener, chopping board, dish rack, pots and pans, an iron, cleaning supplies, towels, linens, a broom and dustpan, and assistance with a security deposit. Transition Kits are valued at $250 each. Donors may designate any gift of $250 or more for a Transition Kit that will be used to help one or more people transition into their own housing.

For a short time longer, gifts of $2,500 that are designated for Transition Kits are eligible for permanent recognition on our donor wall at the Bud Clark Commons. Holst Architecture, the architects of the Bud Clark Commons, designed the wall, which will be unveiled later this year. Thousands of visitors each year will see your name on the wall; your gift will inspire others to support the work of helping end people’s homelessness.

For more information on Transition Kits, or the donor wall, please e-mail or call Tony Bernal at tbernal@tprojects.org or 503.280.4663.

Help Us Provide Thanksgiving Dinner

We're still looking for volunteers to help us put together our first Thanksgiving at the Bud Clark Commons. We need a number of volunteers to provide a full dinner for the 90 residents of Doreen's Place - if you have a group you think would like to take on the challenge of preparing and serving the whole meal, let us know! Or, if we get enough individual interest, we can put together the dinner potluck style.

We are also planning to serve a light meal at the Day Center, which will be open from 8 AM until 4 PM on Thanksgiving. Volunteers are needed to provide sandwiches and snacks to serve to clients accessing the Day Center on the holiday.

If you are interested in helping, please contact volunteer@tprojects.org.