Rent Well Continues to Support Tenants

At our agency, we believe that everyone deserves the right to live well, be well, and Rent Well. That's why we offer an extensive tenant education program that helps individuals learn key skills and tools to be successful in housing, including understanding landlord expectations, budgeting, effective communication skills, and successful move-in and move-out processes. Since taking over the program in 2016, more than 3,550 participants have completed the Rent Well course.

Rent Well Online Snapshot

When COVID-19 hit, we translated this in-person course onto Zoom and continue to provide this invaluable resource. We are still seeing excellent enrollment rates for both our tenant education and instructor training courses.


In the last year, the program has grown to include 80 partner agencies in Oregon and Washington that use our curriculum to train clients. We're proud to announce that our team is now developing a stand-alone eCourse and mobile app to help partner agencies reach even more people, in more languages, across the state.

"The Rent Well course was the best thing for me. I could not have made it into housing any other way.
Now I am in my own place for the first time in over 13 years. I don't have to live in my truck, car, or in the woods.
Truly, homelessness to housing."

- A Recent Program Graduate

Program Elements
Tenant Education

We offer an intensive course to help tenants understand the basics of renting such as understanding your lease.

Keys to house
Landlord Partnerships

Landlords who rent to Rent Well graduates can apply for the Landlord Incentive Fund, a policy that offers additional assurances.

Instructor Training
Instructor Training

Individuals at partner agencies can become Certified Rent Well Instructors to help more people access this training.

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