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Access and Safety / Shelters

Living on the streets is tough – mentally, physically, and emotionally. To survive, those experiencing homelessness need access to basic services and safe spaces to be – both during the day and at night. Our Access & Safety programs seek to meet these needs.

  • The Day Center

    Located in the Bud Clark Commons in the Old Town neighborhood of NW Portland, the Day Center helps connect people to a wide range of resources and services offered around the metro area – seven days a week, 365 days a year. Beyond referrals, the Day Center offers guests access to bathrooms, showers, clothing, laundry, mail service, registration lists for shelters and longer term residential programs, identification assistance, a computer lab, a hair salon, and a health clinic.

  • Safety off the Streets (SOS) Shelter

    A 70-bed emergency shelter open nightly for women in NW Portland.

  • Hansen Shelter

    A 200-bed emergency shelter open 24/7 for men and women in NE Portland. More information about the Hansen Shelter can be found here.

    Willamette center

    A 120-bed emergency shelter open 24/7 for women and couples in SE Portland. More information about the Willamette Center can be found here.

  • Severe Weather Shelters (2)

    Operated at the Day Center and at the Imago Dei Community in SE Portland. These emergency shelters open when the temperature drops to 25 degrees or lower. Together, these sites can accommodate up to 250 people with nowhere else to turn.

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