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Danita's Story

I moved to the Pacific Northwest from Cleveland, Ohio, to be near my sister and for my children’s education. Three years ago, I gave up my apartment when I lost my job and rented a room from a friend. When that didn’t work out, I tried to rent an apartment again, only to find out that someone for whom I had co-signed on a car loan had filed for bankruptcy. With the loan fallen on my shoulders, no one would rent to me.

I heard about Jean’s Place and met with Dora, who helped me get on the waitlist. I felt like she really cared about me, and the resources available through Transition Projects opened my eyes to so much. I really believe Transition Projects and Jean’s Place saved my life. Their help afforded me the time to go to meetings, go to counseling, and do the self-care necessary for me to return to work and get housing.

I have now taken Transition Projects’ Rent Well, Peer Mentor Specialist, and Peer Health Navigator classes. By volunteering at Willamette Center, the Day Center, and Jean’s Place, I feel like I’m giving back what was given to me. I just got a job working as a residential advocate at SAFES (Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter) and will be completely self-sufficient.

I look forward to taking drug and mental health counselor training, and, someday, working at Transition Projects. I want to be a part of something that makes a difference in people’s lives.

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