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Jeff's Story

Born and raised in Michigan, I was exposed to what seemed to be a normal way of living - drugs, prostitution, shootings and robberies. I lived in a rough area, was schooled in a middle class white area and being bi-racial was not accepted by either. At the same time, I was dealing with physical and sexual abuse. I chose alcohol and drugs as my escape. Eventually I transitioned from a job at a Fortune-500 company to selling drugs and my life unraveled.

I decided to move to Portland, and discovered that the move did not take care of the problems I faced. I was sleeping on the streets, breaking into houses and using anyone I could to get my next fix – the drugs had taken over. I decided to make a change, was introduced to Transition Projects and was accepted into their short-term residential program.

The programs and services provided structure and allowed me to gain my self-worth back.

The feeling of disconnect was fading, stability returned, and Transition Projects hired me as a Street Outreach Specialist and a Residential Advocate. Today, I have been promoted and am a Residential Case Manager for the short-term residential programs for men; I am engaged to be married; living in a home I may buy and working on being a positive parental role model for my family.

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