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Patsy's Story

I lost my spirit through drugs, alcohol and living a lie. After a tedious stretch of insane drug abuse, I got so sick the doctor said I had literally smoked and drunk up my immune system. I was quarantined and the doctor hoped that through an intensive regime of antibiotics and an extended stay in intensive care, he would be able to keep me alive. All of a sudden it hit me. I had crossed the line and I was homeless, no longer a recreational user, and an addict. I knew the disease of addiction only promised jail, institutions and death. The drowning of my son, loss of my savings and my marriage in shambles, I felt my life had been destroyed. I was at a point where I knew I had to change my lifestyle, my friends and my behavior.

That’s when I found Jean’s Place and Transition Projects and a message of hope. They sent me to Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) where the message was simple: any addict can stop using, lose the desire and find a new way to live. My spirit and spirituality reawakened, allowing me to view a vibrant world around me.

Jean’s Place introduced discipline back into my life and I was asked to join the Mentor Program at Transition Projects.

After I graduated I was asked to apply for a Housing Inspector position and I couldn’t believe I got the job! I have come to the realization that it does not matter how far wrong we go, we can always turn around. I thank Transition Projects for renewing and restoring my spirits.

Mentor Program Graduates

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