Transition Projects advocates for ending homelessness. Together, with partner organizations, we work to advance a shared agenda of justice and equity.


TPI Advocates Outside Nation's Capitol

Policy Initiatives

Safe shelter. Fewer than half of people experiencing homelessness in Portland have access to safe shelter options. As the largest provider of shelter in the Portland area, we work to ensure that shelter services are inclusive and welcoming to women, men, and couples, and we advocate for system-wide policies that prioritize access for the most vulnerable. We are leading the charge to ensure that there is adequate shelter for everyone who needs it.

Women experiencing homelessness. Women experiencing homelessness are underserved and often overlooked. We advocate for programs and initiatives tailored to the specific needs of women experiencing homelessness.

Equity. People of color, trans folks, and members of other historically marginalized groups are over-represented among those experiencing homelessness and those living in poverty, but are often underserved by social service providers. Justice demands that there is equitable access to resources. We strive continuously to promote equity in our programs, and we advocate for assistance strategies and policies that center equity in our community.

Affordable housing. The Portland metro area is tens of thousands of units short of the affordable housing supply that we need. We advocate at local, state and federal levels for the funding needed to make affordable housing a reality for all who need it.

Measure 26-210

We're proud to have endorsed the regional homeless services Measure 26-210 to increase access to the supportive services necessary for a successful transition into housing.