Jason's Story

In August 2020, we opened the Banfield Shelter Motel. The Banfield provides 60 individual rooms for vulnerable adults who would otherwise be in congregate shelters. These residents are older and have underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems and could be affected by COVID-19.

Person in a wheelchair and person standing look at the camera in front of a home with a green door.

One of our residents was Jason, who relies on a wheelchair to help him manage his mobility and health issues. When he moved into the Banfield in 2020, he was at his very lowest point, having lost his previous housing.

Jason engaged with every opportunity he could to turn his life around at the shelter, saying, “The residential advocates are the best, and along with case managers and wellness specialists they truly care about my success while providing the needed connections and guidance. They are always willing to stop and talk, asking ‘How can I help you or what do you need?’ These are the sweetest and most beautiful people in the world!”

With the time, space, and consistent support provided by the shelter and its staff to make meaningful connections, Jason saw his stamina return, his health issues abate, and his mental health improve. He was able to find and move into an apartment of his own. “I can’t wait to make my apartment a home and appreciate the independence I have regained,” he said.