Meal Provider Program

Providing meals at our shelters is our greatest volunteer need.


This is a great team-building opportunity and a fun way to get friends together for a good cause. Volunteers providing meals ensure the residents of our three Short-term Residential Programs and seven Emergency Shelters have access to healthy, wholesome meals.

Because of COVID-19, all meal providing is currently "delivery only," and volunteers cannot enter the shelter to cook or serve. When safe to do so, we look forward to welcoming volunteers into our shelters again to serve meals and interact with program participants directly.

Meal Provider groups consist of 5-10 people who have joined together as family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or another type of service group. It is mandatory for the leader of your meal provider group to attend a Volunteer Orientation before your first scheduled meal date. This consists of a 60-minute general orientation, followed by 30 minutes specific to the meal provider program.

Ways to Help with Meals

Provide a meal to a shelter:

  • The group purchases, prepares, and delivers dinner for 60-120 residents. (During COVID-19, shelters are at half capacity, so these numbers are currently 35 – 60 residents!)
  • All hot meals must be prepared off-site and brought ready to serve, in catering trays or crock pots.
  • Dinner can be delivered between 5:00 and 6:30 PM. Arrangements for an earlier drop off or meal set up time can be made if requested beforehand.
  • Already a meal provider? Log in to your volunteer portal to sign up to serve!
  • Check out recipes previous meal providers have used, scaled for large groups already, here!

Deliver sack lunches to a shelter:

  • At our shelters without kitchens, groups have the opportunity to provide sack lunch-style meals for our residents. These meals must contain a healthy, complete meal, including items such as a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a granola bar, and a bottle of water.
  • Sack lunches should be delivered between 10 AM and noon. Earlier deliveries can be arranged with advance notice, and for non-perishable sack meals.

Join a "potluck meal" team:

  • Volunteers who aren't part of a group to take on a full meal can join our "potluck dinner" opportunity, and contribute a portion of a meal to a shelter, along with other individual volunteers.
  • Volunteers who sign up for the same potluck dinner will be connected to plan their menu and commit to bringing specific dishes (e.g. entree for 20 people, salad for 30 people).

Sponsor a meal:

  • Support a local restaurant by ordering a meal for a shelter! Many restaurants will offer deals on large orders for a shelter.
  • Donate now to offset the cost of in-house meals. One of our largest shelter expenses is food for meals not provided by volunteers.
Ready to provide a meal?

Submit your details and our Volunteer Program Supervisor will follow up to get you registered for an orientation session.