Shane's Story


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I was born in Portland and grew up in Washington County. Even though I had a good upbringing, somewhere along the way I found comfort in escape. For 12 years, I was in and out of jail, rehab centers, and on the street. In 2015, I was at the end of a 20+ year battle with addiction and checked myself into detox.

After a week there I was offered supportive housing through Central City Concern. I spent the next 10 months learning how to live a non-destructive lifestyle and got a job in social services. 

About a year later, I applied to Transition Projects to develop my professional experience. I was originally hired as an on-call Residential Advocate at the Clark Center but soon went on to work full time in what was then called the Day Center. I had good success working with participants, and after a year I joined the Coordinated Housing Access Team (CHAT). In this role, I screened the most vulnerable population for housing and got them engaged with services.

Now, as CHAT supervisor, I oversee and support the progress of the team, which is made up of myself and four other awesome people. I love working in this field because I get to help those in the position I was once in, and I understand the struggles they face. Thanks to Transition Projects for giving me the opportunity to succeed, my life today is simple, balanced, and whole.